Best 3 oils to use for ‘that time of the month’

That time of the month was never an issue for me until a few years ago when I was in a job that wasn’t fulfilling me, I was waking up not excited and unmotivated to get out of bed… this everyday stress and pressure that I was putting in myself without even knowing was putting me out of balance. I noticed that when I had a break or was in a different environment that the cramps felt a lot better.

I needed a solution and  so I googled and asked friends and found that using these oils 2 drop each DAILY not just at a week before really worked! the first month was like it became bearable and the next month I was back to my normal self! I couldn’t believe it truly until a friend of mine that I shared this with tried it too.

She had the same results and all I can say is praise the Lord that Young Living has made such amazing oils for us.

Now I know that what you might be thinking. Is she for real? try it yourself, there’s no harm in doing so and if it doesn’t work straight away stick with it for another moth or try a different combo. Everyone is made different and unique so not one thing will work for everyone. And the best thing about essential oils is that they are often good for at least 5 things so it will help in some way weather you notice it or not.


Clary Sage- one of my favourite actually to put on #myfirstlava to use as a perfume, I just love the smell and the clarity it gives me. It has a calming and blissful oil and has a really pleasant smell.

Progessence phyto plus- this is a very special blend that every female should have, just type the name into google and you’ll see why. I love this one it also has a lovely scent and it’s perfect for any woman at every stage of life including pregnancy, when aunty flow visits, menapause… you name it. P3 is always there for you.

Dragon time- a perfect blend for our topic today. This blend was used historically and includes clary sage, fennel, lavender, marjoram, yarrow and jasmine.


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