DIY: Oil quality test

How do you know that your oils are top grade?

First we need to figure out what the grades are.


We always want to use the top grade, therapeutic oils which are 100% from the plant.


You can’t always trust a label… (don’t judge a book by it’s cover)

Depending on where you live the labelling laws on essential oils are still pretty loose… in AUS if there is 5% of the alleged oil in the bottle the company can label it pure.


Here are a few sneaky ideas you can do to see whether the brand you have meets the standard we are looking for.

  1. pop it in the fridge to see if they have topped it up with carrier oils. Pure oils will stay liquid even when cold.
  2. put a drop into a piece of paper and let it it. Come back to the paper in an hour to see if it’s still there
  3. place a drop on you hands and see if there is an oily residue, pure oils are actually not oily
  4. smell it. trust your gut.
  5. call up the company

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