Dreaming for 2018 & 3 things I’m doing differently than last year.

Dreaming for 2018 &

3 things I’m doing differently than last year.

Last year I changed things up a little an found myself in a restless unending wheel of changes…

I wanted to get out of my routine which was working… working and a side hustle. So I decided to start studying songwriting and work in retail rather than hospitality which was a good learning opportunity you know for first lava but I never really achieved my goals… because well I didn’t really have any.

I am still going. I can feel that I’m catching a minimalist type of lifestyle and am starting to love it! I need to ‘Hold to the vision and trust in the process.’


My 3 Visions for this year:

  1.  To Create More. 
  2.  To Love More. 
  3.  To BE More.

I don’t need more stuff but I do need more stuff that is meaningful. Last year was great to declutter and renew. This year I’m figuring out what is really important and what I need to live a full life.

When I say ‘full life’ I mean full of meaningful relationships, laughter, food, conversations and days spent in the sun.

To Create More. 

Somethings like songwriting I never picked up because of that evil thing inside me telling me that I could never do that. Even though I knew I could. What kind of things do you have in you that you’ve pushed down?

” The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul. “

-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

To Love More. 

It saddens me to look at humanity and realise that we’ve been brought up to be self-motivated and I’ve been caught up in it.. well I should really say caught up in myself and what I need and want. This is something that I really have to work on daily so I’m adding that to my prayer list. How can we love more? It’s a tricky thing that I’ve been thinking about but I’ve thought of 3 things that I can do each day to help me…

1. Send a little text to a friend. A genuine one.

2. Speak kindly especially when I don’t want to.

3. My love language is quality time so I am going to schedule a date with a friend every week. 

To BE More.

For me, this one means transforming my self to be better than what I was before so I have a goal to read 7 books this year. Last year I read 1… not great lol.



I really believe that this year is going to be a great one for all of us. 

Somethings I want you to think about.

What do you need and what do you have?

Are you really being here on earth for the people around you or for yourself?

What oil are you using today to help you achieve your fullest life?

I hope you’re a little more inspired to live a fuller life. – Chloe Chin

PS. If you enjoyed this share it with a friend who needs a little direction, inspiration and less clutter in their lives. 😉


TIP// If you haven’t used, look at or thought of that thing in the last 6 months- 1 year… donate it, upcycle it or recycle.


If you have any question or tips for me please add them to the comment section below.

Much love Chloe


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