How to care for your Lava piece

Your lava rock doesn’t have to be ‘cleaned’ as such but it does require certain care.

2 things you need to know that you might not have thought of before. (I know I didn’t)

  1. oil viscosity
  2. oil quality


Oil Viscosity

This is the thickness of an oil. If you’ve had oils before you’ll notice that some oils come out of the bottle faster of slower than others. This also determines how long an oil will stick around for.

The thinner it is the quicker it will evaporate  and the thicker, the slower… you get it right.

Oil Quality

The quality will give your piece the best interchangeability. Most of the oils you can find at a local health food store are low to middle grade and often are filled with fillers, carrier oils and synthetic oils. If this is the case and thats what your using on your piece you might have an oily residue on your lava rock.

To test a top grade quality oil you can do a few things… Click here to see how.

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