It’s bigger than me…

Some of the best moments of my week are talking to girls who are searching for answers about their life, job, work especially their health. I never knew for myself that an essential oil could change my life… I’ve recently realised that the purpose for me sharing the oils is truly not for me but for that person that I connect with and the people that they connect with.
My journey was changed through the actions of my mum who found these oils and really couldn’t shut up about them frankly. I now have a friend who has learned about how she can use oils for her kids and now they are growing up in a more healthy environment but that is because of the choices that I’ve made… I just get shivers and excitement when I think about my little part that I play in His big scheme of helping people live in connection, abundance and wellness.
I’ll never take for granted the look on someones face when they can use something that doesn’t cause side effects, that has true natures living energy and that actually simply just work… and fast.
So if your on the fence about weather to ask your crazy oily friend about what these oils are about… think about the person you could bless in turn of your choices. #myfirstlava

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