My standard summer breakfast ft. breakfast on the beach

My standard summer breakfast ft. breakfast on the beach

Literally, for the past 3 weeks, I’ve been having this breakfast and I feel soooo good!

I love this breakfast because it is fresh, low-carb and SIMPLE. I honestly don’t think I could ever get sick of it.

Basically, my breakfast consists of 3 main things:

+ A mango from the fridge (this is important for better satisfaction)

+ Mums home-made granola

+ An extra little something to make it a bit interesting each day… this could be berries or other fruits or coconut flesh or some nut milk.


The best part of my job is that I can work on the beach half of the time which is probably my favourite place to be.



Here’s how I prep my brekkie and why breakfast is the best meal.

Perhaps you could give a few of these ideas a try:


#1 Mango

Now some say that the good old chop down the sides of the seed, score and scoop with a spoon is the best way to eat a mango but if you’re anything like me and good with a knife give this a go.

Get a nice sharp knife and shave the skin off. This way you get a really nice texture on the outside to bite into. *you do need mad knife skills. then you can do the cop around the seed and cut it into bite-size pieces.


#2 Granola

This is literally so easy to make. The hardest part is probably getting all the ingredients you want.

This is what we usually put into ours:



-Coconut flakes or chips

-Saltanas or dried cranberries

-Mixed puffed grains (gluten free)

Now get these all into an oven proof dish and toss them in maple syrup and coconut oil and toast them for like 15 tossing every couple minutes… oh man. We fill the whole oven and then bottle it in large jars and it lasts us about a month or two considering we eat it like almost everyday. It’s awesome!!!

#3 Somethin extra extra

From stonefruits to seasonal berries to even coconut flesh I like to mix it up… oh coconut yoghurt is great too!

This brekkie is sooooo awesome your getting good fats in there from the nuts and coconut and some good sugars to kickstart your day.

In the morning I actually dont eat right away. I like to have a couple glasses of water with my suppliments and Ningxia Red and chill for an hour or so to get the previous days stuff flushed out if you know what I mean and then consume this delicious meal and break the fast.

I want to know what yuo have for breakfast… do you have a habit of skipping breakfast? If so why?


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