We value

Simplistic Wellness | Laughter | Essential Oils | Sustainability | Empowering others

FL #Vision

To see generations of young people understand health, wellness and abundane with

essential oils and wearing #myfirstlava as a timeless piece

FL #Mission

To see our FL global community grow in wellness and having aligning values and

love for helping others find wellness


— Founder, Creator & Yogi

I’m an ABC with a passion for holistic health. Essential oils, fashion and everyday life brought about First Lava.

How it all began… making shortcuts for myself is my way of thinking. I love my YL oils and the way they make me feel. I soon discovered the endless benefits that came with the different oils and wanted them in my life and found that applying on my skin they would absorb within the hour and on my clothes a bit of a waste. My search for the perfect diffuser accessory began…

I have never done anything like this before and no one ever told me I couldn’t so I thought why not… I don’t have much to loose and everything to gain. I got some samples made and intended to use those for myself, that’s when I started getting compliments and people asking where I got it. This confirmed my idea… First Lava was born.

I used to think essential oils were… nice smells that mum used to make the house smell nice when we were young.

Now I use them for… too much to say ha!

3 oils that never leave you are… Thieves (staying well), Lavender (everything else), Clary Sage (my perfume)